Andrew Scheer to give hunters and anglers a seat at the table

September 30, 2019

A new Conservative government will bring back the Hunting and Angling Advisory

Michelle Rempel, Conservative candidate for Calgary Nose Hill, spoke today in Calgary about the Conservatives’ plan to give hunters and anglers a voice in protecting Canada’s natural habitats by re-establishing the Hunting and Angling Advisory Panel.

“The Trudeau Liberals cut the Hunting and Angling Advisory Panel and chose to lose touch with what is happening in our local communities,” said Rempel. “Canada’s hunters and anglers make significant contributions to the preservation of species and habitats and can offer valuable advice on the stewardship of Canada’s wildlife.”

“Justin Trudeau and his Liberal team have ignored much of the important work that is being done in local communities to protect, conserve, and manage our environment due to their “Ottawa knows best” approach,” said Rempel.

In A Real Plan to Protect our Environmentrestoring the Hunting and Angling Advisory Panel is just one of many initiatives focused on increasing community involvement and positioning the government alongside Canadians to work together to promote a cleaner and greener natural environment. There are so many Canadians who work diligently to fight climate change and protect our environment. Canada’s Conservatives want to make sure that your voice is heard, that you have a seat at the table, and that the government is working with you.

Andrew Scheer, Leader of Canada’s Conservatives: “Justin Trudeau is not as advertised. This election, Canadians have a choice. Between the poor judgement of Justin Trudeau, and a new, positive Conservative government that will take immediate action for you to get ahead.”