A Message from our Candidate

April 12, 2021

Alright, friends, Im ready to roll!  Thank you for the support in making me your candidate to be the next Member of Parliament for West Vancouver - Sunshine Coast - Sea to Sky Country.

We have a fantastic team, a six-point Things That Matter” platform, and a weary Prime Minister whose faulty judgement is hurting our country more and more each day.  Its time for change.

Canadians dont want it but Trudeau may cynically thrust us into a June Election.   We do not need to suffer through four more years of his bad judgment.

We dont control the timing of the election and dont know how a COVID election would be conducted. But here are some steps you can take so that together we can seize our destiny:

- tune in to my Things That Matter” policy series and have your say - Register here: johnweston4mp.ca/events  If you missed passed episodes, you can tune in to the recording;

- please confirm by email that you live in the riding and you intend to support me.  Identifying our key supporters and voters early is how we win a pandemic vote; 

- invite 10 people to support this campaign - we might not be able to hold in-person meetings given COVID but if we all practise this Rule of 10” now and others do the same, we will build the foundation for a win whenever the election is called. If you can do this, please let us know by return email and we will discuss how we capture the results for our Get Out the Vote system;

- volunteer - whether or not youre in the riding, we need your help with phoning.  Are you willing to phone 20 people in a database we provide (in addition to the friends you invite as part of your Rule of 10)?  Let us know;  

- donate! We need your help fo fund key personnel, support volunteers, pay for implementation of a digital plan, pay for signs, and other costs.  You can contribute to a max of $1650 and you receive a tax credit back, which greatly reduces the actual cost to you;

 Together, lets stand up and be counted.  Its time to put COVID and Trudeau behind us.  Lets work together on making our community and country thrive.  With your help, we can replace Trudeaus mismanagement with theThings That Matter” to us, our children, and our grandchildren!

Yours sincerely,

John Weston

Read about our candidate John Weston here