Congratulations Pierre Poilievre

September 13, 2022

On Saturday afternoon we gathered at the Red Lion in Dundarave to witness what will be remembered as a turning point for conservatism in Canada. The cheers were loud - no surprise given two thirds of Conservative Party members in West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country marked Pierre Poilievre as their first choice for leader.

We the members resoundingly chose a leader who will put Canadians back in control of their life, and make Canada the freest nation on earth. Among his priorities are unleashing Canada’s resource economy and achieving energy independence, lowering taxes, capping government spending, upholding academic freedom, and scrapping the ArriveCan app and remaining COVID mandates.

Under Pierre Poilievre’s leadership, the Conservative Party will offer an inspired alternative to the expired government of today.

During this leadership race our party grew to 678,000 members, the largest membership of any political party in Canadian history. As your Conservative Association President I look forward to welcoming the new members in our riding. Being a member gives you the opportunity to participate in grassroots policy consultations and local candidate selection. Regardless of whom you supported during the race, you have a place - and a voice - in our party.

Poilievre’s decisive first ballot victory is an important step toward electing a Conservative in our riding. We have the historical support required to send an MP to Ottawa. The difference between winning and losing is having mobilized local support. You can help the cause by registering to volunteer, and by donating to the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country Association.

100% of your donation will stay in our riding, to:

• Amplify our message through targeted communications

• Host engaging events across the riding

• Recruit and train volunteers

• Win the next election

Show your support by making a contribution today. Donations of any amount are appreciated and qualify for generous tax credits. The annual limit for donations to our Conservative Association is $1,675.


Let’s win!

Konrad Kobielewski

President, West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country Conservative Association