NATIONAL SECURITY - One of 6 Platform Fundamentals

February 14, 2020

SECURITY is one of the 6 Platform Fundamentals which compose the Value Proposition you received January 25th.

This morning, our former MP John Weston added to a series of articles on refreshing our Party. This one, on improving National Security, ran in The Vancouver Sun this morning. The series springs from a Value Proposition published January 23rd, also in The Sun, partly shaped by past EDA President David Bromley, that our Party is sorely in need of redefinition.

Once again, here is the proposed new definition:

“We promote the strength and dignity of the individual and the right of equal opportunity for all to realize their full potential in life.
We recognize that we all bear a responsibility to give back to our community more than we receive.
We believe that individual excellence and community responsibility together foster a sustainable society.”

This is the only new definition we’ve seen as the Leadership Race unfolds. Tap here for the Jan 23rd article, which sets up the series.

Tap here for today’s article. John took advice for the article from an impressive array of experts in intelligence, security, and the military with whom he collaborates in his international law practice, at Pan Pacific Law Corporation: Calvin Chrustie, Senior Partner, InterVentis Global (, former RCMP Senior Operations Officer; Stephen J. Day, Founder, Reticle Ventures Canada (, former JTF 2 Commander; Bob Young, Principal CEO at Excelsior Applied Strategies Inc. (, former Director General, Canadian Security Intelligence Service; and Timo der Weduwen, Partner, InterVentis Global, former Senior Risk Manager, United Nations.

Watch for more articles to follow in this series.