WEBINAR: Rebuilding the Economy - Thursday May 13, 7PM

May 07, 2021

Reflecting on the Nasty Numbers” below, you may be concerned about the economic health of our great country. Instead of just worrying, why not join the upcoming “Things That Matter” Webinar on “Rebuilding the Economy”, with Finance Critic Ed Fast and Financial Planner Ian Mellor?

Join us at 7pm PT on Thursday, May 13th by registering here. This event rides hard on the heels of our recent episode with Conservative Leader Erin OToole – “On Leadership.”  If you missed past events, click here to view Erin’s remarks and other episodes.

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Some “Nasty Numbers”

Like me, you may be vexed that our debt now exceeds One Trillion Dollars.  a 1 followed by 12 zero’s: $1,000,000,000,000. Based on our population of 38,243,251, including Permanent Residents, each man, woman, and child in Canada owes $26,340 in Federal Debt.  This is apart from debt of other governments and personal debt.  Based on the Government’s own projections, Canada is on track by 2025 to owe $40 billion in debt service charges, if interest rates continue at their historical low. The amount we Canadians pay in taxes to cover interest expenses is set nearly to double within five years. Ouch.