Justin Trudeau must fire Liberal candidate with history of sexism and misogyny

October 05, 2019

Trudeau continues to support candidate despite disparaging comments toward women

Yesterday Postmedia exposed numerous sexist comments by Justin Trudeau’s handpicked candidate in Sydney-Victoria, Jamie Battiste, which were made between 2012-2016.

While some of Battiste’s comments are too inappropriate to repeat, he joked about sexually assaulting women and believes their role is to clean, cook and fold laundry.

These comments are disgusting and inexcusable. An individual who makes this many disparaging comments is not worthy of sitting in the House of Commons. 

“Despite these sexist comments, Battiste is allowed to run as a Liberal candidate for Justin Trudeau,” said Lisa Raitt, Conservative candidate for Milton. “Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist. Whether it was groping a journalist in British Columbia, or throwing strong women out of his caucus for standing up for the rule-of-law, Trudeau never lives up to his own self-proclaimed feminism.”    

Justin Trudeau says he’s a feminist, but as we have seen time and time again his own decisions and actions speak louder than his words.

“Trudeau cannot be trusted to stand up for Canadian women. He is not as advertised,” concluded Raitt.