Prime Minister Justin Trudeau snubs Veterans on Remembrance Day

November 11, 2022

Ottawa, ON – Blake Richards, Conservative Shadow Minister for Veterans Affairs, and Pierre Paul-Hus, Quebec Political Lieutenant, released the following statement:

“Today, millions of Canadians observed Remembrance Day by assembling at cenotaphs and commemorating the sacrifices Veterans have made to ensure the preservation of our security and liberty.

“Shamefully, the Prime Minister was across the world in Cambodia attending a conference prioritizing photo opportunities with foreign dignitaries over paying his respects to our Veterans and our fallen.

“The Prime Minister should have been in Canada today participating in a Remembrance Day ceremony. At the very least he could have attended any number of the Canadian military cemeteries in the region to pay his respects. His absence is a blatant insult to Veterans and their families and every serving member in uniform.

“The Prime Minister once remarked that Veterans are ‘asking for more than we are able to give’. Today, Veterans and their families discovered that even observing Remembrance Day is more than he is willing to give.

“This incident reflects the Trudeau government’s increasingly obvious lack of respect for the Veteran community. We hope the Prime Minister will reconsider this decision to disregard our Veterans and find a way to pay his respects. Although it cannot replace being present on Remembrance Day, the Prime Minister should acknowledge his error and make the effort to honour our Veterans and serving members.

“Conservatives will always stand with our Veterans and serving members in uniform, and we will always recognize their service and the sacrifices made for our freedom and way of life.”